Guiding Principle

Working for development and improvement of governance, including monitoring and evaluating effectiveness in the Global South, has been defined as its guiding principle. The lack of development and proper governance has been a democratic deficit and a sign of early warning of potential violent conflict in the present, past, and future. Therefore, this organization has been established to enhance development and governance in the Global South by working directly with the policymakers and developmental players to have a hand for service delivery to the people and reform governance.

The organization targets to help the Governments in the Global South to have a strategy for development, for and by them. The organization would help reform required for better governance and decision regarding the timely service delivery to the people. It would help to improve relations and develop a strategic partnership with the players in the development process.

In order to achieve, we define our vision, mission, goals and objectives as follows:


The people’s quality of life in the Global South will have been improved through enhanced governance performance.


 Create equal opportunities for all human beings for peace, justice, and democracy by promoting better governance in the Global South. Decrease the gap between developed and developing nations by addressing development and governance challenges in the Global South.


Support nation-building and state-building by establishing the rule of law and national integrity system in governance.

A Light Wind Swept Over The World, And All Nations Laughed In The Sunshine.