About Us

Established in 2018

Our first project will target three countries from the Global South, and we will continue to expand to other parts of the region. We are committed to working continuously for development and governance throughout the coming years.


The organization defines the overall objectives as follows for the coming 5 years:

  1. Facilitate governments in the Global South to develop strategies for better governance.
  2. Work for the reform and improvements of governance practices and development mechanisms.
  3. Promote the practice of policy study and bringing findings to the attention of the public and the policymakers.
  4. Work with policymakers and development players to have a policy tool in hand for improved service delivery to the people.
  5. Promote human rights, peace, prosperity, and democracy as the outcome of better governance and development.

To achieve the above-stated vision, mission, goals, and objectives, we will implement the programs and projects broadly in the following areas. We are a new start-up, and in the starting phase, we will only focus on selected areas based on the founder members’ expertise and experiences. In specific, we would focus and prioritize on the following areas for the coming 3 years to address the problems outlined above:

(1) Governance Indicators: Create equal opportunities for peace, justice, and democracy by promoting better governance in the Global South. Decrease the gap between developed and developing nations by addressing development and governance challenges in the Global South.

(2) Corruption Control: A closely related field to Governance Indicators is corruption control. If the program on Governance Indicators gives an overall picture of governance status in the Global South, corruption control helps improve governance indicators.

(3) Political Parties Building: Political parties are the backbone in democracies and non-democracies. Political parties function as a bridge between state and society. Therefore, the effectiveness of political parties indicates how society is being governed in a state. Democratic governing mechanisms within political parties are the prerequisites for better governance in any context. Therefore, this project intends to build political parties in the Global South to be accountable and transparent to their constituencies.

(4) Conflict Resolution: This project incorporates countries in the Global South with a federal governance structure. The project offers services to the governments to negotiate conflicts between different layers of the federal structure.

(5) Diaspora Community: The diaspora communities in the United States are a great resource for development back home in the Global South. Every year, people migrate to the United States for different reasons. Once they migrate, the community arrives in a new place, which will require different capacity building programs for settlement and assimilation.


First Step

In the beginning, we are identifying three countries from Asia, Africa, and Latin America for the pilot phase.