Dr. Shiva Hari Dahal

Dr. Shiva Hari Dahal has more than fifteen years of work experience in the field of conflict resolution, human rights, and development, and state-building. His work has focused on policymaking, including the constituent assembly and legislature parliament in Nepal. He has worked as a visiting research fellow at the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR) in Switzerland and has published works on conflict and security issues. He holds an MA in international peace studies from the University of Notre Dame, USA, and a Ph.D. in conflict analysis and resolution from George Mason University, USA. Dr. Dahal has taught graduate-level classes as a lecturer at Tribhuvan University, Nepal. He is a Senior Associate at Asia Conflict and Security (ACAS) in Hong Kong. At Nepali Diaspora Investment Fund Inc., Dr. Dahal holds the position of Secretary of the company.


Mr. Krishna Bhandari

Mr. Krishna Bhandari, also known as Krishna Sadagi, is a dedicated social activist. Sadagi has spent seven years in Nepal’s government services, nine years in the field of social activism, and ten years in the business and customer service. He coordinated, directed, and completed several governance projects and activities as independent civil society members. He organized a series of roundtable discussions on governance reform, produced and coordinated good governance radio programs for national and community radio stations. He conceptualized and directed the publication of a Good Governance Year Book, 2006, for the first time in Nepal. He served as Secretary and Vice President for the Non-Residence Nepalese Associations (NRNA) in Virginia, and at the moment, he serves as the President of NRNA’s Virginia state board.